SEO Keyword Research

What is Keyword Research?

Keyword research is a vital first step in any SEO campaign, helping you to understand which terms and phrases your target audience is searching for online. The process involves analysing search volumes, keyword difficulties and your current rankings to identify and prioritise opportunities.

Once you’ve compiled a list of keyword ideas, you can then reference the terms strategically in your content, to give your pages a better chance of ranking higher. You may even identify opportunities to create completely new content types to meet your target audience’s needs.

With our Keyword Research Service, we can do the hard work for you, delivering a fully filterable report with accurate data from trusted sources and action-based recommendations that are completely targeted to your niche.

How Our Keyword Research Service Works

Send Us Your Chosen Topics
To get started, simply provide us with your chosen keyword topics, domain name, target country, and any keywords or phrases you would like to exclude. We’ll then research these terms along with relevant related terms.

We’ll Look at The Data That Matters
We’ll report on average search volumes for each keyword, the keyword difficulty, Cost Per Click (CPC) for Google Ads, available SERP features, search intent, and where you currently rank in Google.

View Your Keyword Research Report
We’ll organise the data into an actionable report to help you prioritise which terms you should focus on to get the quickest results. Once complete, simply log into your dashboard to download the report when you need it.

Find the keywords your customers are searching for and make quicker, more accurate decisions.

  • 5 Topics
  • Up to 5000 Keywords
  • Search Intent
  • Keyword Difficulty
  • Search Volume
  • Adwords CPC
  • SERP Features
  • Your Rank in Google
  • Recommended Actions
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