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 17 August 2023

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Hey there, fellow digital explorers! Today, I want to take you on a journey through the virtual streets of local search and show you how to navigate them like a pro using Google Business Profile's categories. Yep, you heard it right – we're diving into the nitty-gritty of how those seemingly simple labels can work wonders in skyrocketing your business's visibility. So, buckle up as we unravel the magic behind categories and their role in boosting your local ranking game.

The Google Business Profile: Your Local Hero

Remember that time when you wandered around a new town, searching for a cozy cafe, and Google just seemed to read your mind? Well, that's the magic of Google's local search algorithms, and it's powered by Google Business Profile (formerly known as Google My Business). It's like your digital shop window, showcasing your business to potential customers in the area. It's your online handshake with the local community, and you want it to be strong.

Categories: Your Business's Superpower

Now, let's talk categories. They're like the secret sauce that adds flavour to your Google Business Profile. You've got one primary category (the single most important ranking factor), which is like your business's essence distilled into a keyword or term. Are you a café? A boutique? A yoga studio? This primary category shouts to the world what you're all about.

But here's where the magic multiplies. You also get eight secondary categories (which are the 5th most important ranking factor). Think of these as the various facets that make your business unique. Maybe your café also hosts live music nights, or your boutique offers vintage finds – those are secondary categories at work.

Why Categories Rule the Local Roost

So, why are these categories more crucial than deciding whether to put jam or cream first on your scone? It's all about local ranking, my friend. When someone in your area searches for a service or product you offer, Google's algorithms are hard at work to provide them with the most relevant results. And guess what? Your chosen categories help Google understand just how relevant you are.

Let's say someone's in London, scouting for a nearby bookstore. If your book haven's primary category is "Bookstore" and your secondary categories include "Literary Events" and "Café" you're likely to pop up on their radar. Google doesn't just want to find businesses; it wants to connect people with businesses that fulfil their needs and desires.

Maximizing Your Category Mojo

Alright, now that you're onboard with the category magic, how can you make the most of it? Well, first and foremost, be accurate. Choose categories that genuinely reflect what your business offers. Authenticity wins the local trust game.

Secondly, don't hold back on those secondary categories. Use them to paint a full picture of your business's awesomeness. If you've got unique services, events, or products that deserve the spotlight, give them a category of their own. The more accurately you describe your business, the more likely you are to show up in the right searches.

Ready to Level Up?

So, here's the deal: Google Business Profile categories are your ticket to local stardom. They're the GPS coordinates that guide potential customers right to your door. By selecting relevant primary and secondary categories, you're not just describing your business – you're increasing the chances of it being discovered by the right people at the right time.

To dive deeper into the world of categories and to explore how they can supercharge your local search game, we've got something special for you. Click the link below to download our handpicked list of categories that can elevate your Google Business Profile to a whole new level. Let's get your business the attention it deserves!

Download Ultimate Category List

Cheers to embracing the magic of Google Business Profile categories and watching your local presence shine like a beacon in the digital landscape. Remember, it's not just about standing out; it's about standing out in all the right searches. Let's make your business an unmissable star on the local search map!

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